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August 13th, 2010

Friends Only @ 08:21 pm

I have decided to make my journal 'Friends Only'. If you are not on my friends list, but would like to be added, please leave a comment here and I will add you.

August 18th, 2008

(no subject) @ 06:04 pm

To my friends,

Ok. I've had this journal for a long time now. I've recently upgraded to a paid account, so its not going anywhere anytime soon. I know my journal isnt the most exciting thing in the world but you know what? I write this journal for me, noone else.

I've made a lot of friends through this and I love reading your updates. But I also know there are people on my friends list who do not use their journals anymore and others who I have grown apart from and I'm sure you wouldnt miss me if I was gone!

So, I've decided, rightly or wrongly to have a mass clearout! So I'm basicly deleting everybody from my friends list. If you still want to read my journal then please comment here and I'll re-add you. I hope you all do because I do read each and every post from my friends and really enjoy your updates.

If you decide not to add me, then thats fine too. If I bump into you elsewhere on the net or in real life, I'll still say Hi and wont be offended (much!). All I'll say is have a nice life and if you change your mind, you know where I am :-)